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Beren G. Armstrong, CPA,
Financial Regulation Specialist
419 South 2nd Street
New Market, Suite 206
Philadelphia, PA 19147
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Mr. Armstrong functions as a Financial Regulatory Specialist for The INS Companies. His primary responsibilities include financial analysis and  examinations of insurance companies for compliance with state insurance laws and regulations.  Mr. Armstrong serves as a core member of the firm’s analysis thought team leadership. Additionally, in his role on examinations Mr. Armstrong works in all phases of the examination process and his duties include: participating in C-Level management interviews to gain an understanding of companies’ operational, strategic, financial reporting and fraud risks; developing examination procedures to assess the likelihood and impact of key risks; reviewing company files and data for ambiguities or inconsistencies and noting exceptions or violations in the materials reviewed; performing state-specific compliance procedures to ensure that insurance companies are observing state regulations; and drafting summaries detailing a company’s compliance in key functional areas for review by the Examiner-In-Charge.